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Protect Your Personal Assets With LLC Licensing

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A Limited Liability Company, commonly known as an LLC, offers protection to the owner or owners of a business to legally protect their personal assets. However, forming and registering an LLC can be confusing without professional guidance. Nechtan Marketing offers a team of business professionals who want to guide you through the registration of your LLC in the greater Washington, DC area.

Protect Your Personal Assets With LLC Licensing


Advantages of LLC Registration

There are several advantages of forming an LLC:

  • An LLC corporation protects individuals covered under the LLC from losing their personal property and assets if confronted with a liability lawsuit. Only assets owned by the LLC are at risk from seizure. 
  • LLCs don’t pay corporate taxes. The owners of the limited liability company pay self-employment taxes instead.
  • The LLC corporation offers the same protections as a large corporation, without the rigid structure that smaller businesses don’t need.

Documents You Need to Register Your LLC

To register your LLC, you need to file an Articles of Organization with the state office that serves your business’s location. When you are filling out your articles, you will need to know a few things beforehand. The most important details are the name of your business, as well as the address of your principal office location and the name of a Registered Agent who will receive legal notices regarding your LLC.

Cost of Registering Your LLC

The costs involved with registering your LLC vary by state. As LLC corporations are state-regulated, each state sets the price of forming your limited liability company. There may be additional costs to consider as well. There is usually a cost to reserve your business name and a DBA (Doing Business As) fee. One other cost to be aware of is the fee required to hire a registered agent to represent your LLC.

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Next Steps After Registering Your LLC

There are a few steps to follow after you’ve filed to register your LLC. Getting an Employer Identification Number (EIN) should be at the top of your list. You need this number to open a business bank account and set up tax information. Obtaining business licenses and permits are also important. You may need local permits in addition to your state licensing. Another crucial element you need is the operating agreement, which will be the rules of how your business runs.

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Nechtan Marketing offers critical business solutions to eliminate confusion about registering your LLC in the Washington, DC surrounding area. Not only are we committed to delivering results with integrity, but we also want to offer you a $100 discount on your first month of virtual office services. Call us today to discuss how we can help guide you through the LLC formation process.

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