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4 Benefits of Registering Your Logo

Have a Company Logo Ready? Let Us Help You Register It!

At Nechtan Marketing, we are here to provide critical business solutions for all of your business needs. Have you ever considered trademarking your company logo? There are a lot of benefits that can come with a trademark logo. Learn about four of the benefits in our latest blog and contact our team to get started with the registration process today!

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Exclusive Rights to the Logo

When you register your company logo with the federal government, you are giving your business exclusive rights to that logo. This means that no other business can copy or use your logo. This also reduces your chances of running into problems in the future if someone else trademarks a logo that is similar to yours!

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A Presumption of Ownership

Once you’ve registered your company logo with the federal government, that trademark is valid and enforceable in the United States. That’s because having your trademark registered gives the owner (you as the business owner) the presumption of validity, which is important when you’re dealing with an infringement case.


Right to Legal Action

When your logo is trademarked, when someone else uses your logo, you have the right to take legal action. This means that if you find another business that is using your logo — or something very similar to your logo — you have legal rights to take action against that business.

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No Similar Logos

We know how important a logo is to help you create your business’ brand. When your logo is trademarked, you can rest assured that there will be no other similar logos, keeping your business unique and noticeable. During the registration process, you will also ensure that your logo is not similar to any other registered trademarks. This means that you can move forward using your logo with confidence and knowing that your logo is legally protected!

As a business owner, take this as your sign to take the step to get your company logo trademarked. Work with Nechtan Marketing to register a trademark logo today. Or contact us to learn more about our additional critical business solutions, ranging from registering your LLC/Corp to filing for tax exempt status and more!