Card Payments

Accept Card Payments

Update June 15th: New Cashless ATM Clients get $1000 after 60 days, use PROMO CODE: 1000BACK when applying for service!

Our POB service is one most of our clients fall in love with! You don’t pay ANY fee per swipe. No joke, charge your customer a $4.00 fee to complete a Pin Debit transaction with their card, Samsung pay, or Apple Pay using our equipment, and experience a flat rate bill to process card payments, eliminate a majority of disputable transactions. Get your money direct deposited into a bank account of your choice.

Ideal customer base:

– Don’t mind paying a fee to use a card

– Want Cash Back

– Understand it costs you $ to use a card

Why this works for cannabis companies

  1. POB transactions are like ATM transactions, customers HAVE TO put in their PIN #. This step makes it 10x more difficult to dispute the charge, if someone had your pin# they had to have your permission. Or you were irresponsible with your PIN number or someone else wouldn’t have it. Which makes the most likely chain of events appear that the creator of the PIN indeed did complete the transaction knowingly.
  2. The #1 successful charge-back comes from credit card users. Remember, most credit cards do not come with a pin. You have to REQUEST one. It’s safe to say over 50% of credit card holders haven’t requested a pin for cash advances. So most people won’t be using credit cards once they find they have to put in their PIN. Again this safeguards the business owner against another potential charge-back risk. We also recommend you do not accept credit cards, just ATM and Bank Cards. The charge will appear discreetly on your customer’s statement.
  3. Offer Cash back! Now that you’re turning your POS into an ATM, ask the customer if they would like to charge more to their card and get cashback with their purchase! With our banking partnerships, your business may be able to open an account where you accrue generous interest on your deposit(s)!

Start accepting cards, our rates are competitive for any business! Fill out the application on our homepage, or call our specialists for details 7 days a week! 1-888 – 400 – 1880

We specialize in helping Marijuana Dispensaries and Start-Ups! However, we have adequate experience to professionally start any LLC, Corporation, or Non Profit, in ANY state (Visit the Services Page), and can provide merchant services for any industry including for low risk companies like restaurants, corner stores, gas stations, ect.


FD130 Terminal with Pinpad
$ 350 Programmed, Each Plus Shipping
Wireless Terminal with Pin Debit only
$ 650 Programmed, Each Plus Shipping
+ $15/m wIRELess fee

Discount codes may lower the cost of your equipment, and suggested equipment bundles are already discounted.

Equipment Bundles Offers

FD 130 Trio w/ Pinpads – $999

2 Wireless IWL255s w/ Pin Debit Abilities $1,250