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Nechtan Marketing?

Nechtan Marketing was founded to provide a variety of critical business solutions made for the modern business owner of 2019. The wide range of solutions provided were meant to alleviate the confusion for the average business owner who doesn’t understand what steps to take to legally start a business in their state, and build business credit. This idea and name stems from Nechtan in Irish mythology’s association with the well of wisdom. We seek to be a source of wisdom, education, and resources to provide business owners of America with the tools they need to start their businesses!

In 2019 we realize that there are controversial businesses that have become legalized that need world class service and support. We would like to extend a helping hand to cannabis based businesses by connecting them with innovative services in the industry such as 420 friendly banks, and especially our 420 friendly cashless ATM service operating in almost every state where cannabis is medicinally or recreationally legal. We are advocates of the legal cannabis market in the U.S. and Canada, and strongly believe from an investment standpoint businesses that have a bank account are more attractive and stable to its customers and investors. We strongly believe accepting debit cards is an advantage for cannabis based businesses, and there is likely a way we can make it possible for your business.

We are in no way limited to only working with cannabis based businesses, but have dedicated a healthy amount of time to becoming educated in the industry, to provide services in a legal manner to all business owners interested in forming a legal grow op, dispensary, or other niche cannabis related business. The founding minds of Nechtan Marketing have adequate experience in developing businesses framework, in industries including but not limited too..

– Government Contracting

– Cosmetic Procedures (Plastic Surgeons)

– Event Planning

– Cannabis Dispensary (DC/Maryland/All west Coast legal states)

– Cannabis Grow Operations

– CBD Stores

– Property Management

– Employment Agencies

– Video Production and Development

– Sales and Marketing Training

– Non-Profits

– Grant Writing

– Drone Piloting Education and Marketing

– Retail Storefront

– Business Consulting & B2B

– Music Production

– Music Editing & Mastering

– Mortgage & Loans

– Massage Therapy

– SEO and Internet Marketing

– Art Dealing Digital & Physical

If the type of business you’re looking to start isn’t listed, don’t worry. We are confident our range of experiences has prepared us to confidently venture into the unknown, and provide general advice and direction in addition to getting you licensed to provide your product or service legally in the state(s) you operate in. Give us a call today and our free consultation will prepare you for the next step!

We thank MJ Biz Daily for listing us as a 420 friendly business resources solution for all legal cannabis businesses: